Tile Types


Abyss=A gaping hole in the vault that impedes movement. The only thing that you can build here initially is a bridge that connects it to your complex. Tends to attract monsters from the lower depths. Can be closed permanently, manually descended or ascended with the right technology, or even built upon one day.

Rad Zone=A square poisoned so badly it will eventually kill anyone who enters, even Hardsuits. A source of monsters and mutants. Later tech will allow you to bypass and explore them, but nothing can ever be built here until it is cleansed. Even then, property values low. Tend to start as energy grids.

Rubble=A zone completely collapsed. Takes a lot of labor and resources to clear, otherwise useless. Makes an abyss above, of course. Becomes a tunnel afterwards.

Sunless Sea=An expanse of water. Difficult to explore or move through without the right technology.

Flooded District=usually close to Sunless Seas. Difficult to move through, but can be drained and patched up with the right tech. Many reservoirs start out as flooded districts.

VENU Core=VENU, the obviously hostile vault AI, commands her forces from these ‘cores’-she will constantly produce units until this area is conquered. Afterwards, they make good energy grids. One each level, though some destroyed lower-and it guards the elevators that allow access to different levels.

Quiggle Nest=Sprawling Quiggle nests tend to grow over time. A distinct threat. Must be cleansed. Turn into Vault Jungles afterwards.

Forgotten City=The nesting placed of the ‘Forgotten’ humans, the descendant of those who crowded into the Vault but never found their own creches, or survivors of lost Creches. Each one is distinct, and can be dealt with firepower or diplomacy-adding their population and resources to your own. Tend to vary wildly, from hostile to helpful to neutral-based on your peoples past actions.

Vault Jungle=Underground life adapting, evolving to form new ways and means…can reliably grow food here with a Farmdome, but must be tamed first.
Reservoir=A source of clean, untainted water. Very precious. Can be buffed by building a pumping station. Tend to be more likely and more valuable the deeper you go, with deeper wells providing more benefit.
Energy Grid=A working, or unworking generator complex that provides electricity. Building a power plant allows you to tap this. Generators tend to work better toward the surface, with the solar generators among the upper levels, being the strongest.
Manufactory=A rare square of technological wonder, capable of producing machines and goods at a high rate, though it requires energy to do so. Usually guard by active VENU drones.

Tunnels=Miles and miles of almost empty access tunnels, filled with conduits and relays. No bonuses, but you can build anything here.
Habitation Zone=Areas for living and working in, well connected to the grid-almost always occupied. Provides a bonus to whatever you build here, though population is best.
Fortress Zone=An area suspiciously easy to defend from outside attack, with strong walls and thick gates-sometimes natural, sometimes manmade. Forts are best built here. Almost always occupied, usually not very friendly. Provides defense bonuses to area when garrisoned, though they make safe population centers in dangerous levels.
Scrap Zone=An area rich in resources to be plundered, and the air is not inherently hostile to life. Not already plundered for good reason. Become tunnels afterwards.
Forgotten Camps=Crowding in tunnels or habitation zones, these clans are too small to present a real threat. Can subdue or convince them to join your Creche. Has many bonus goods, if looted.

Creche=Other Creche’s than your own are usually locked tight, or pilfered and abandoned long ago. A treasure trove if you can seize it, to ensure your peoples future…which really makes you not much different than those Raiders. Provides bonus power, water and living space. Two on every level. Cannot usually enter without out the passcodes, which are found in caches randomly.

VENU Command=The Queen Bitch of the Vault, she resides at 1/1/1, guarding the entrance and exit to the vault and the outside world. Will mercilessly terminate any humans who leave their creches. The center of her power. Defeating this square allows VICTORY ENDING 1.

Nest of the Quiggle Queen=Located at 10/10/10 (hah), in the literal depths of Hell. Will expand over time-if the players cannot defeat her, they will be forced to escape. Defeating her and seizing at least 75% of the Vault allows VICTORY ENDING 2.

Solus Magnum=Located randomly in one of the corner pockets from level 4 and higher, this generator provides four times as much energy as any other square. Guarded viciously by VENU.

Basin Drill=Located randomly in one of the corner pockets from level 6 and lower, this device provided water to the entire vault. Tapping into it gives four times as much water as any square. Guarded by very powerful Forgotten Clan…the ones who attacked your creche.

Biodome=A sprawling natural zone located on level 7, establishing control here will increase the output of all your habfarms by +1 if you can claim the rare seeds in the Biodomes depths. Quiggle infested.

Cache=‘MIni’ Creches that contain great amounts of scrap and tech, and each one also has code to open one Creches. 1 every level. Tend to be heavily defended, owners random.

Tile Types

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