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=Time Units=
Instead of full and half actions, ‘Time Units’ are used to determine how far you can move and how many actions you can in a turn. Movement uses whole numbers, but most actions take a percentage of your maximum TU-thus, units with high TU do not gain any additional actions.

Your total time units is equal to the sum of your three highest stats/2+1d20. You gain +1 TU every mission you survive, to a maximum of 50.

All allied units on a turn act at the same time, depending on posting order if the actions conflict.

TU Costs[/i]

Movement=from 5 to 20, depending on the roughness of the terrain.
Firing any weapon=Depending on weapon and firing mode from 20% up to 80%
Throwing a Grenade=25%
Using Motion Scanner or a Medkit=25%
Using A Melee Weapon=30%
Priming a grenade, or reloading a weapon=50%


Many weapons have different firing modes.

Shots[/b] cost the least TU’s, but offer no advantage or disadvantage. Shots[/b] cost the most TU’s, but allow you to roll twice on your attack and take the higher of both rolls. Shots[/b] cost more TU’s than a snap shot, but less than an aimed shot-your weapon fires a three round burst, but each of the attacks is rolled twice and takes the lower of both rolls.

Heavily simplified in this version! You need only track your weapons, clips, grenades and extra equipment. Each piece of equipment has a slot count, which obviously determines how much you can carry.

Transferring equipment from your legs or shoulder, or picking up something from the ground costs 10% TU’s.
Transferring equipment from your belt costs 25% TU’s
Transferring equipment from your backpack costs 50% TU’s

Two Hands
Shoulder Pouches [4 slots]
Leg Pouches [4 slots]
Backpack [9 slots]
Belt [6 slots]


[spoiler=Thermal Taser]
Originally designed for divers to ward off sharks and other marine predators, XCOM’s thermal taser has had it’s power significantly increased-a single blow can induce a temporary hypothermic shock, effectively rendering a target unconscious. Capturing live Alien prisoners is crucial to winning the war…if, extremely risky.

Damage=1d8 Stun
One handed
3 Inventory Slots

Firing Modes
[Snap Shot] Snap Attack-30% TU
[Aimed Shot] Precision Attack-80% TU
[Auto Shot] Flurry Attack-50% TU[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Shredder Pistol]
It was immediately apparent that harpoons and knives were of little effect against the aliens. XCOM techs original designs to counter them were a throwback to the first war- Pneumatic Needler technology which had been originally been designed to shred Chrysallid swarms was quickly intregrated into a weapon family imagantively named ‘Shredder’ systems. The Shredder pistol is essentially a rail gun, firing a long metal spike at high power over short distance, with minimal kickback and mineral disturbance. Optimal for underwater combat, in theory-but usually only as a last resort.

Damage=1d4 Pierce
One handed
2 Inventory Slots
Ammunition=12 Round Clip (Clips take 1 slot)
Range 20 ft

Firing Modes
Snap Shot-20% TU
Aimed Shot-30% TU

[spoiler=Shredder Rifle]
The larger version, more powerful and with increased range. It’s proven effective against most terrestial sea creatures in repeated tests, and should prove just as effective against the aliens. The standard armament in our war against these ‘terrors from the deep’.

Damage=1d8 Pierce
Two handed
6 Inventory Slots
Ammunition=20 Round Clip (Clips take 1 slot)
Range 40 ft

Firing Modes
Snap Shot-30% TU
Auto Shot-40% TU
Aimed Shot-80% TU[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Hydro-Jet Repeater]
A solid weapon system originally developed for underwater demolition, XCOM purchased the little used patent for a ridiculous price and has begun mass production. The ‘Hydrojet Repeater’ as it has been renamed (Previously it was called the EZ-BANG), utilizes a miniature torpedo launcher, in a chain gun fashion. It fires speciality charges at considerable range, with deadly velocity and impressive accuracy-skilled users on the underwater construction crews were able to achieve extremely precise aim. It’s not nearly as unwiedly as some as of our weapons, but XCOM specialists still suggest it be used in a fire support fashion, raining death from a safe and secure distance. It can incorporate a wide variety of ammunition-currently, high explosive shells, ‘shredder’ rounds, and depth charge rounds. We’re not entirely sure how effective these various arms will be versus the aliens until we have studied them, however.

Damage=3d6 Variable/Explosive, Piercing, Bludgeon
Two handed
12 Inventory Slots
Ammunition=12 Round Clip (Clips take 2 slots)
Range 60 ft

Firing Modes
Snap Shot-30% TU
Auto Shot-40% TU
Aimed Shot-80% TU[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Shredder Cannon]
Created more or less just to see if they could, the ‘Shredder Cannon’ is currently the heaviest version of this weapon on order for XCOM, in many ways similar to a terrestrial sniper rifle. We’re assured this is the best humanity can develop in the time it’s been afforded, and it if cannot knock something down, nothing will. Which is really quite depressing, if you think of it. Users are advised to avoid direct combat, as the Shredder Cannon makes it wielder a bulky and inviting target.

Damage=2d12 Piercing
Two handed, Wielder moves at half speed, disadvantage vs all attacks
9 Inventory Slots
Ammunition=6 Round Clip (Clips take 2 slots)
Range 100 ft

Firing Modes
Snap Shot-30% TU
Aimed Shot-80% TU

The LASW (Light Anti-submersible Weapon) is a one-shot torpedo launcher custom designed by XCOM engineers to supply agents with handheld artillery support. Before using the weapon, the firer must first arm and extend the tube which houses the launcher, which is a single action. When the LASW hits its target, it explodes like a grenade or other explosive, dealing explosive damage to all creatures within a 10-foot radius (DEX save DC 15. for half damage). Because its explosive features a shaped charge designed to penetrate armor, the LASW ignores any damage resistance, if it strikes a vehicle, building, or object. However, this only applies to the target struck, not to other objects within the burst radius. The LASW has a minimum range of 30 feet and a maximum range of 150ft. XCOM command has programmed the launcher so that If fired against a target closer than 30 feet away, it does not arm and will not explode.

Damage=10d6 Explosive
Two handed,Wielder moves at half speed, disadvantage vs all attacks, Discarded after firing
9 Inventory Slots
Ammunition=1 Round Clip (Torpedo Charges take 3 slots)
Range 30ft ~ 150 ft

Firing Modes
Snap Shot-40% TU
Aimed Shot-80% TU[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Magna-Blast Grenade]
Throwing grenades underwater tends to be more humorous than effective, yet XCOM engineers were intent on creating man portable explosive firepower for their agents-the Magnablast Grenade was their answer. Unlike ‘dumb’ grenades, MBG’s are actually minimally intelligent, automated drones capable of self propulsion on long a set distance. The Agent merely applies an argon ion laser grid to the target for a few seconds, located on the housing of the grenade itself and activated by thumb drive, and pulls the tab-this requires a single action. Once gently released, the MBG will propel itself via small air jets to the location painted, and detonate-it’s maximum range is about 60 ft. Quite useful, but the grenade is still incredibly dumb-it does not differentiate between friend and foe. In addition, it has two other function-a chronometer, allowing it to act as a timed explosive, and a simple motion scanner that allows it to act as a sort sea mine-anything disturbing the water around an armed MBG will suffer it’s wrath. All these functions are also slaved to the agents suit and can be done manually from a distance, and the grenade can even be disarmed in such a way.

Damage=4d6 Explosive
One handed
1 Inventory Slot
Range 60ft[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Diving Suit]
The initial defense against the alien invaders used by XCOM underwater operations agents, modified from the US Navy LAR V Draeger, chosen for dive length, ergonomic design, and compact size. The original design was coated in a bright yellow paint to reduce the common occurrence friendly fire incidents, but XCOM Command ordered an immediate refit afterwards for unknown reasons. This suit is durable and adaptable enough to be used in either land or sea operations.

Swim Speed 40ft[/quote][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Ceramchain Vest]
Given the alarming reports of the invaders possessing powerful energy weapons capable of operating underwater with great potency, the agency has upgraded the standard kit with a untested ceramic composite vest-a sort of high tech heat-dispersing chainmail. Protection comes at a cost in weight, however-the agent will not be able to carry as much gear while lugging the vest around.

Inventory Slots (Can only be taken up in backpack space)[/b] +1 Damage Reduction vs all attacks[/quote][/spoiler]

Designed in the first war, the field-deployable Medikit was responsible for saving dozens of XCOM agents from certain death, allowing even untrained medics the ability to treat wounds and improve their combat abilites through the use of healing and drug-dispensing nanobots. In the time since, it’s become commonplace and is readily available in XCOMS arsenal. The new version is even designed to interface with an XCOM Agents suit, allowing it to even be used underwater.

Charges[/b] restore 1d10+Agent Lv in HP, though the person being healed cannot attack, move or act (other than to use the kit on him or herself) while being healed. The kit has three of these charges every mission. Charges[/b] can be used to temporarily invigorate an XCOM agent-on the next turn after being affected by a stimulant, they can take an additional move or attack action for the next five turns. The kit has three of these charges every mission, but agents who use stimulants more than once a mission may suffer from addictive symptoms. Charges[/b] can be used to ease pain in an injured XCOM agent-the turning after taking the Painkillers, he gains 1d3+2/Agent LV in temporary HP for the next five turns, allowing him to operate and fight, even under heavy attack. It can also restore an agent to consciousness if he is currently knocked out, or bleeding out-if his temp HP is enough to place him at 1 or above, he wakes up for the duration of the effect-this affect stacks, though it it not a replacement for true healing. The kit has three of these charges every mission, but agents who use painkillers more than once a mission may suffer from addictive symptoms.[/quote] Inventory Slots[/b]

Notes: When using the level to determine the value of abilities, always use the level of the agent adminstering.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Particle Disturbance Sensor]
Designed for finding survivors trapped in sinking ships, this sonar based, handheld scanner is equally viable to detecting alien hostiles. It actively scans an area about 50ft around the user, who must concentrate a full turn to read the results-he can take only a single action to scan, but at a roll disadvantage. The user pits his INT skill. vs a DC10+Mod difficulty check. Success means he can pinpoint the ending location of any aliens within that range that have recently moved, and the direction in which they moved. It should be noted, the aliens possess this technology as well and it’s far better than ours. It should be noted, disturbances and obstructions in the water tend to make this item difficult to use, as do aliens intelligent enough to move slowly in an attempt to trick the user.


-10 if the alien takes a run/double move/acrobatic/athletic sort of action
-5 if the alien moves over half speed in that turn
+2 for every partial obstruction between the user and alien he is trying to detect, such as seaweed or debris.
+4 for every full obstruction, such as a wall, between the user and alien he is trying to detect.
+6 If any explosion has recently gone off within 50ft of the user in the last five turns.
+10 If the alien has not moved any distance at all[/quote]

Inventory Slots[/b][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Mind Shield]
While XCOM has not yet faced any psionic aliens in the field, it stands to reason they may utilize this ability as their forerunners once did-surplus ‘mindshields’ from the old war, which roughly resemble metal skullcaps-have been supplied to troops who desire an defense from these sort of attacks. It’s cumbersome to use in current conditions, however-we must improve the technology once we know exactly what the enemy is capable.

Inventory Slots[/b] (Can only be taken up in backpack space) have the advantage on rolls against all mental effects that affect your character. Your ‘psi-sensors’ will allow you to detect if you are being targeted by an effect subversively. Otherwise, you may remain unaware of an attempt until it affects your actions.[/quote][/spoiler]

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